The Indieverse has a myriad of features for users, readers, and gamers to enjoy. Whether you're a serious gamer or a casual one, the Indieverse has you covered with in-depth articles, videos, pictures and interactive links that provide a wealth of information on XBLIG content. 

Some features that you'll find in this site are; Articles, Link Lists, Videos, Polls, an expansive Indie Game Box-Art Gallery, and more!

Here are The XBL Indieverse we strive to provide useful, practical information and reviews that all gamers can identify with. Primarily focused on personal favorites as well as top-rated Indie best-sellers, the articles can have five different listings:

Reviews offer the bulk of XBLIG information and content on The Indieverse.
New games are added everyday to the XBLIG Market, and this section provides info on the best of the new titles.

Interviews with Developers and Game Studios about XBLIG titles.

Previews offer a glimpse at upcoming Indie games that are still in development.
News and updates pertaining to the XBLIG community.

Links Resource Page

XBL Indieverse's homepage also features an integrated Link Resource with both a Developer List and a Reviewing Sites List. These lists can be found at the top of the page under "XBLIG Links".

The Developer Sites links page is a listing of the respective developer's name and their created games as a means of reference and identification--sometimes you may know the game but not who made it, or vice-versa. 

With the link resources you can stay updated and informed on your favorite developers and their past, current, and future projects.This list is ever-expanding as I'm constantly finding new sites out there, so check back often for updates!

NOTE: All URLs are displayed upon mouse-over on each link, and all sites are listed with permission from their respective owners/operators.
The XBLIG Reviewing Sites list is another very useful utility that provides a wealth of information; read reviews from professionally recognized sites or Follow them on Twitter to receive instant updates.

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The XBL Indieverse offers simple Polls related to Xbox Live Indie Games, primarily focused on what users and gamers think of as their favorites. These polls are a great way for users to express their opinion quickly and concisely, and can also offer a brief look at what readers enjoy. 

The most recent XBL Indieverse Poll.
 Polls are found on the right-hand section of the Blog, and can change position throughout--however they will always be somewhere visible so users don't have to search far.


The XBL Indieverse enjoys the artistic content featured in Indie Games, especially with their game covers. I've gathered some of the most appealing Indie Games covers and compiled them into a vertical gallery of sorts.
A sampling of the many diverse XBLIG game covers.

Stay tuned for more updates on new Features soon to come to The XBL Indieverse! Remember, content is updated daily so be sure to stop by and check out new articles such as Previews, Reviews, and more.