Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breaking News: Fortress Crafters

Inspired from the PC gaming sensation known as Minecraft, which of course was inspired from a number of titles--including Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper--comes the revolutionary Xbox Indie known as FortressCraft.


"FortressCraft'ers" YouTube Channel

This game is scheduled for a mid-late March release, and it's not officially breaking news, but up until now we haven't been able to find many FortressCraft videos on the internet. The YouTube Channel "FORTRESS CRAFTers" brings fans what they've been clamoring for--full video footage of FortressCraft in action.

We've been able to see snippets of FortressCraft's capabilities in ProjectorGames' YouTube Channel, however in this new channel we will see footage of the "best FortressCraft videos on the web", and the awesome creations therein.

Be sure to Subscribe to both ProjectorGames' and Fortress Crafter's YouTube Channels to be updated on new videos, info, and more about this upcoming Xbox Indie.

For more information on FortressCraft and the studio that created it visit ProjectorGames' website or the homesite for FortressCraft.

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