At The XBL Indieverse we understand that, as part of the Xbox Live Indie Games community, we must have a professional respect for both gamers and developers as they are the essential foundation for the network itself.

Our Goal
Without gamers, developers wouldn't be funded and compensated--thus refuting the whole commercial reward--and without devs the gamers would have nothing to play--this is an example of the mutualistic symbiosis that allows the XLBIG following to thrive and flourish.

The Indieverse is pledged to the promotion and support for Indie Games and offers many ways to assist in getting your game out to the public. The Indieverse believe one good turn deserves another and that this outlook will make the XBLIG community a better place.

Our goal is to do what we can to help and promote Indie Games that we believe in and are passionate about--especially underrated, overlooked titles that are actually gems however since they lack advertising and fame, they are low-rated.

Promoting the Indie Games Community
Developing games is an infinitely building and accumulating experience that you constantly learn from. Devs learn new things every single day, and it is rewarding to be part of that experience--to watch a studio grow and flourish into something fantastic. Everyone has to start off somewhere, and all great Indie Game studios have released their first title and built from that experience to improve it more and more.

We are passionate for Indie Games and we believe that they are fantastic and rare opportunities to escape the normal boundaries for games and enter a customized playing experience made by gamers, for gamers.

There are a lot of amateur developers out there who are gamers with a dream, and it is that very dream that we aim to build--being an integral part of this process is very rewarding for me, especially when the studio expands its horizons and becomes something great.

In short, we want to do what we can to get the word out there about some of our favorite Indie Games and developers that we respect and look up to. There are many unique titles and developers and genres in the Indies Games community and marketplace, and we pledge to bring the best Indie content to our followers!