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New Releases: Feb 25 - Mar 4


Our second installment of the New Releases article includes a few very fantastic Xbox Live Indie titles that were releases from late February to early March. The games that are included in this article are listed in chronological order in terms of release date--earliest to latest.

New Releases Feb 25th - Mar 4th

During this single week there have been some amazing additions to the Xbox Indies marketplace, namely in the RPG category. With two awesome RPG releases--Wizard's Keep and Hearts of Men--as well as a fun zombie shooter addition, and a nice retro-style 3D puzzler this single week has proven to be quite bountiful.
  • Wizard's Keep Feb 25
  • ZombieGeddon Feb 27
  • GyroBall Mar 1
  • The Hearts of Men Mar 4
Each section will have a synopsis of the game, pictures, links, and a video showing the game in action--if applicable. The articles will function as a mini-review of sorts, a bit like an impression of the titles overall design and game mechanics.

Wizard's Keep 80 MSP
This expansive and incredibly fun Xbox Indie RPG was developed by Robir, the creator of the successful Xbox Indie hit Miner Dig Deep. There are concepts that we can see reflected from his other title that are apparent in this Indie as well, especially with the overall design and custom-drawn content.
Wizard's Keep
XBLIV Rating -
Xbox Marketplace URL - Wizard's Keep
Developer - Robir
Genre - Role Playing

This game is an amazing RPG addition to the XBLIG Marketplace, and for a game that costs only 80 MSP, it provides hours upon hours of play-time. Find custom weapons/armor, build your character with unique skills, assign attribute points and complete various main/side quests in this must-have roguelike/action RPG that combines many aspects of game favorites together in one enjoyable package.

Highly recommended for all fans of Bonded Realities, Epic Dungeon, Dungeon Adventure and The Endless Abyss Xbox Indies.

ZombieGeddon 80 MSP
Although there are more than enough zombie-themed Xbox Indies out there, ZombieGeddon is one of the better twin-stick top-down shooters. With nice graphics, fluid gameplay, and hours of zombie-slaying action, ZombieGeddon is a great title for all twin-stick undead-shooter fans out there.
XBLIV Rating -
Xbox Marketplace URL - ZombieGeddon
Developer - Fun Factory Entertainment
Genre - Action & Adventure

Being a gamer who doesn't avidly play twin-stick zombie shooters, I'm quite impressed with ZombieGeddon's overall gameplay. It provides hours of entertainment that not only focuses on surviving but is action-packed to the brim.

Strategically fight your way through hordes of undead monsters that get progressively harder as players move on, wield an impressive arsenal of weaponry, and play with up to four players in local co-op mode to maximize the zombie onslaught action.

Gyroball 80 MSP
This Xbox Indie action puzzler brings gamers back to the classic retro 2D graphics that we've all grown up with while also introducing three-dimensional concepts that set it apart from older titles. Gyroball is a fresh and very creative game that focuses on reaction timing as strategy to provide gamers with a fun and original title that can be replayed over and over.

XBLIV Rating -
Xbox Marketplace URL - Gyroball
Developer - Eccentric Duck
Genre - Racing & Flying

Gyroball is a very unique Indie that has fun visuals that appear to be linear vectors that form three-dimensional paths for gamers to follow. At heart, the title is a racing game that incorporates puzzler concepts in that gamers must think on their feet and make strategic decisions in order to complete certain stages. The game is a fun-filled Indie that brings gamers back to the classic days of gaming through it's unique dynamics and provides an experience that is hard to find in most Xbox Indies.

The Hearts of Men 80 MSP
This top-down adventure title has been in development by Coltran Studios for months, and watching the title flourish from an idea and concept art to a full-fledged Xbox Indie is quite an experience. This game is a four-player local co-op title similar to games like Gauntlet, as each player can pick their own character that has unique abilities.

 The Hearts of Men
XBLIV Rating -
Xbox Marketplace URL - The Hearts of Men
Developer - misterjz (Coltran Studios)
Genre - Classics

Utilizing fantastic comic-style artwork and great visuals, The Hearts of Men offers a unique Indie experience that isn't offered in most games. As far as game mechanics go, players must cross dangerous dungeon stages and collect items such as potions and keys to unlock doors, all the while slaying enemies. Games can choose from four characters--the Warrior, Elf, Warlock and Viking, each of which has their own unique normal and special attacks. This game is a great buy for all adventure fans everywhere.

That wraps up our second iteration of The XBL Indieverse's New Releases article. For more information on these titles, be sure to visit the Xbox Live Marketplace URL's associated with each. I'm planning on releasing a Review for Wizard's Keep, Hearts of Men, and Gyroball so be sure to stay tuned!

--Deeke777 @ The XBL Indieverse
   The XBL Indieverse

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