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Review: Super Tank Run

In this installment of XBL Indieverse Reviews I'll be focusing on the surprisingly addictive XBLIG "Super Tank Run" by canstraferight. The review will be in the standard format; five sections with an introduction and wrap-up at the end with videos and links.

Super Tank Run 80 MSP

Super Tank Run
  • Rating – 
  • Developer – Cant Strafe Right Studios
  • Genre – Action & Adventure
  • XBL Marketplace URL – Super Tank Run
  • Release Date – 2/8/2011
  • Try or Buy?Try Before you Buy
  • Price – 80 MSP

"Trapped deep in an enemy city, separated from your platoon and the only way out is the heavily defended highway. You know you wont make it, but you must try."
                                                                                                  --Xbox Live Marketplace Description

I.    Story Line

This game is more like an arcade game than anything, so it doesn't have much of a story other than what's included with the description on the XBL Marketplace. Basically, players take control of a tank in what appears to be World War II, and uses it an a variety of game modes and play types. Overall the lacking story is something that bothers me, yet it is fitting in a game like this--not much story is needed to have fun.

 Image from Super Tank Run

II.   Game Mechanics

Super Tank Run uses mechanics similar to side-scrolling runner games, most like old, low-res racing games. The game itself allows players to enjoy a multitude of modes such as Turret Toss, Defensive or Offensive which adds a new experience with each try.

The multiple game types that can be found in Super Tank Run are listed below:
  • Defensive - Evade the blockades to get as far as you can and reach high speeds. 3 Tries.
  • 60 Second Run - Collect as many speed tokens as you can and evade blockades for 60 seconds, and blockades count against your score but don't destroy the tank. 1 Try.
  • Offensive - Fire missiles and destroy enemy tanks and evade blockades to earn points--crashes into both result in death. 3 tries.
  • Turret Toss - Gain speed tokens and evade blockades--crashes result in death--to gain speed. Object of the game is to "launch" the tank's turret into the air and make it go as far as possible. This fun mini-game is the most addicting of all gametypes. 3 tries.
Super Tank Run also supports Local Versus modes for up to 8 players in "Defensive", "60 Second Run", and "Offensive" gametypes so that others can trade off with the same controller. Quite useful at gatherings and can even be played by children.

This game makes use of reaction timing and hand-eye coordination and is even enjoyable for gamers of all ages and tastes.

 Image from Super Tank Run

III.  Weapons/Items

This Indie Game is more like an arcade-style racing-esque game that has many mini-modes to allow for expansive gameplay for individuals or groups of gamers. There are no conventional items other than the speed tokens that are picked up throughout--these allow the tank itself to gain more and more speed and also give points.

Weapons in this game depend on the gametype--there aren't any conventional weapons in the normal game modes, however in the "Offensive" gametype players are able to shoot down other tanks with missile attacks by pressing (A).

Although the game is lacking in weapons and items--there could easily be other power-ups and other items included that enhance the game in many ways--it is true to the runner-type genre in that it provides the standard experience of dodging and evading certain objects while maintaining high speeds.

IV.   Unique Features

Super Tank Run's unique features include the many game modes that offer a different experience every time, a progressive global Hi-Scores list that's updated daily, and multiplayer modes that offer a chance for friends and groups of gamers to enjoy competing against one another.

Turret Toss in itself is a unique gametype, as the concept is a bit hilarious and enjoyable. This mode of play is the most addicting in my opinion, as I'm always trying to use different combinations of angle height, speed, and evasion tactics to improve my score.

As this XBL Indie doesn't have gore, violence, or adult themes, it is quite suitable for younger gamers. It gives players the feel of a classic old-school retro side-scrolling racer while delivering randomized tracks and a different experience every time.

The soundtrack to this Indie is another unique feature, as it is quite good especially for gamers who are also fans of metal. There are different tracks for the different levels and game modes, and overall the songs themselves may seem out of place in this game but are a welcome addition to an Indie title.

 Image from Super Tank Run

V.    Critique 

The Good

It's Different. Compared to most of the games on the XBLIG Market, Super Tank Run is a different type of game that offers for a slice of gaming that only used to be found in coin-op game arcades. It's pleasant variety in modes of play, style, and game mechanics makes for a fun playing experience with each run.

Anyone Can Play. There are many XBLIG's that offer the ability for all gamers to enjoy the game itself, and this is one of them. You don't have to be a pro at headshots or an experienced level 99 wizard to have fun and to be good in this game--young children or old grandparents can have a fun time in this classic runner.

It's Addictive. Many games like Super Tank Run are quite monotonous and boring, but this particular game offers a different track with every run which affords gamers the chance to do things better (or worse). I find myself always wanting to better my score, and since some game types offer multiple tries, it can be somewhat of a compulsion to try to do your best.

The Bad

Graphics. While I find them to be personally pleasing and enjoyable, many gamers have come to expect a standard from all games, not just XBLIG's. Since this game has low-res and blocky images, most gamers would look past it just for this reason.

No Story. The game itself is devoid of any sort of real story. It's more of a standard racing game with no definable plot-line or story. I myself have come to enjoy games with any sort of story, especially if it's extended and expansive--which is why RPG's are most rewarding to me.

Too Simple. Super Tank Run, even though it has multiple gametypes, is quite simplistic in it's gameplay and doesn't offer players much chances to think and apply knowledge. It is a standard reaction-based game that relies not on planning and strategy but quick reflexes and keen hand-eye coordination.

VI.   Wrap-Up

Overall, Super Tank Run can be very enjoyable to many gamers--whether they are amateur, casual, or pro gamers. I myself did enjoy the game but found it rather lacking in many areas, but for an XBLIG it's a welcome addition to the marketplace. The game has many strong points and weak points, and offers an enjoyable, ever-changing experience that can be equated with many side-scrolling games of it's type.

For more information on Super Tank Run, visit these helpful links:

Super Tank Run

Remember to "try before you buy" to avoid any frustration or regret that can be associated in purchasing something you don't enjoy. Since Xbox Live's content is non-refundable, it's a good idea to play the trial a few times just to make sure you'll enjoy it.

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