Friday, February 11, 2011

Preview: Dead Shift

In our first introductory installment of the Previews series, we'll be taking a look at a very exciting upcoming zombie apocalypse-themed XBLIG title called Dead Shift. Details on the story are scarce, however there has been a influx of picture and video content from the developer to give fans a better idea on how the game will function, how it will look, etc.

  • Developer: Punk Labs
  • Game Site: Dead
  • Sugg. Price: 240 MSP (subject to change)
  • Platform: PC / Xbox 360 (as a Xbox Live Indie Game)
  • Release: TBA (to be announced)

    Dead Shift is an upcoming zombie apocalypse XBLIG that will redefine both our expectations from 3D Indies and Zombie games. This incredible Indie will assuredly rule the market with it's beautific graphics and fluid gameplay--already fans are clamoring for more and it's only in it's development stages. 

    With an incredible 2,749,733 Total Upload Views from DeadShift's YouTube Channel we can see that the game already has an enormous interest from gamers and users alike. This title is very highly anticipated and gamers from all over the globe are looking forward to slaughtering zombies in this awesome Indie.

    Think GTA crossed with a horror-survival game set in the arid west. This game is truly one of the best Indies I've ever come across and it's going to be big on the XBLIG Marketplace, namely the zombie genre. The undead in this game are frightening and true to the definition of a zombie that we're all familiar with--they're gorey, shambling, and very deadly.

    This particular zombie game takes us to the remote, vast expanses of a barren desert. The western motif is prevalent throughout--sand, packed-earth, tumbleweeds and cacti are seen all over--and this is one of the few games that focus on this particular genre of zombie survival within the secluded desert. This game truly fits with the whole idea of desolation and offers a sense of solitude--no one is coming to help you, and those that were around are now walking undead.

    Dead Shift truly has amazing graphics--I can't stress how wonderful they are. You can see for yourself how awesome they are in the myriad of pictures on their site, and the mini-gallery I've included. These graphics always look smoother in-game when run on a computer, yet on X360 the games can vary with the video set-up, as some gamers still play on SD televisions.The environments. shading, textures, etc. are all very high quality for an Indie game, especially one on the XBLIG market.

    This game is nothing short of incredible when it comes to gameplay, as well--it's not just a pretty package. Our heroine, Miri, may look like she's under-equipped to deal with a zombie onslaught, but don't let her appearance fool you; she's quite the survivalist type. From the videos, we can see that it's possible to use nearly everything that the character can pick up as a weapon--bats spiked with nails, nail guns, shovels, etc.--not to mention the ultimate weapon; vehicles. That's right, you'll be able to mow down hordes of undead with a vehicle, and all cars are driveable.

    With fantastic skyboxes, interactive environments, and expanded graphics, we can expect an awe-inspiring visual masterpiece from Dead Shift that is as fun as it is to watch as it is to play. Hopefully Punk Labs will have the time and resources to finish the game within the season for a release possibly during Summer, and it'd be fantastic to hear about an episodic series centered around the Dead Shift universe.

    Video Gallery

    PolyVector, the developer at Punk Labs who's working on Dead Shift, has been courteous enough to the fan base to release a smorgasboard of media for our hungry eyes. More content can be found at the link to his YouTube Channel listed below.

    Below are two of the seven videos that are available on YouTube for viewing about Dead Shift. The first is the official teaser trailer released in early development stages, and the second features the first in a series of six videos that take a close look of Dead Shift's elements.

    The teaser trailer for Dead Shift, found in the YouTube Channel--released by PolyVector of Punk Labs.

    The first video in a series of six showing off Dead Shift's multiple dynamics. Each video focuses on a different aspect of the game.

    New updates and pictures are released regularly, so it's always a good idea to keep up-to-date on the information regarding Indie Games. Sometimes the game features are subject to change, and sometimes these changes are very big; they might even remake them game itself. We've compiled a comprehensive listing of link resources for our readers to keep informed on this fantastic Indie game. 

    For more information, updates, pictures and videos on Dead Shift, visit these links below:  
    PolyVector's Twitter Feed (Game updates & More)
    Punk Labs Home Site (Info on Punk Labs)

    DeadShift Home Site (Info on Dead Shift)

     That wraps up our first "Previews" article here on the XBL Indieverse. We're looking forward to this game and have been closely following it's development throughout the weeks, and have watched it grow from an idea into an entire world replete with amazing elements. 

    If you enjoy this game, be sure to support the development team by following them via Twitter and YouTube, and maybe leave a comment telling the dev what you think of their game on the homesite.

    --Deeke777 at The XBL Indieverse

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