Friday, January 21, 2011

Preview: Star Cross II

Featured on XBL Indieverse Preview is the futuristic RPG saga Star Cross II, the next exciting title in the sci-fi universe of Star Cross.


Officially announced by Indie Game Developer Angel of Osmond at Rickettz Studios earlier this month, SCII is in early dev stages right now. This sequel to the futuristic planet-crossing adventure looks to be very promising with new features, skills, characters and new worlds to explore.

 Overall, Star Cross II is the first game with many improvements and a new set of characters--yet the game stays the same at its core; it's a turn-based RPG that can literally last for hours. The game is still in development and is a long ways away from Peer Review status--Angel of Osmond is currently working on two other titles--Sol Intelligence and Arc Lancer (the sequel to Nova Lancer)--so the game may not come out for a few months or so. When new information is available I'll post it on my Tweets and in an article on my Blog.

For more information on Star Cross II, visit Rickettz Studios Development Site at:

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