Sunday, January 16, 2011

Introduction to XBL Indie Games

My first post in this blog will focus more-so on an introduction to what Indie Games are and why I enjoy them so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with what the acronym XBLIG means, Xbox Live Indie Games are games made by gamers, for gamers--amateur gamers like you and me who go above and beyond to create fantastic slices of game history for us to try and buy on the XBL Marketplace.

Using complex game programs like XNA Games Studio, these gamers have the chance to make their own amateur "game studio", and to work as hard and as long as they'd like on a certain title. Upon publication, developers actually earn monetary gain from the cash-value of the MSP you used to buy their game--yet Microsoft gets a percentage (of course). 

This earning money for making quality games gives the developers a chance to see what its like in the real game industry--in a controlled and simulated environment, but nonetheless they are creating user-generated content, publishing it, gaining acclaim and earning profit...hopefully.

Membership to XNA Studios comes with an annual subscription fee, and more details can be found on their site.

All XBLIG are priced moderately, ranging from 80 MSP to 400 MSP--yet they never climb higher than the latter amount, and are usually fair in their price according to game-play time and other aspects. I primarily enjoy the RPG genre of the Indie Games, yet there are all kinds of genres each with their own unique and fun games.

That's all for now--that brief introduction into what XBLIG's are all about and how they function to serve as a jumping point for many people's professional careers.

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  2. Great site! We need more places to read up on indie games. I used to think they were a joke, but then I heard Wombat on Cheapassgamer review Epic Dungeon, and then heard great stuff about Radiangames. Now I'm hooked!